Alex week 24 100wc

Once there were three little pigs. After a while each pig had their own house made of inferior materials apart from one,the smart pig, he had thought wisely. Instead the third innocent,smart and freezing pig used bricks to build a very sturdy house. “Wood! Sticks! Useless! You’ll get no-where with that,you’re houses are nothing compared to mine!” chuckled Mr.Smart. Just then a shadow loomed over the three pigs. “Dinner time!” Came a voice form behind. As quick as a flash, whipped out his blackberry and dialed:7769. From out of the shadows came three bears,the wolf retreated as pig guts flew across the field.


Alex 100wc week 21

Strange hieroglyphics were found on an ancient rock which represented some kind of disaster. Meetings were held all over the country to find an answer. Two hours past and the hieroglyphics had been translated into English. They read: at 12.45pm on the 16th of February 2014 an asteroid will collide with Earth. Politicians all over the world were discussing how to prevent the disasterous asteroid from obliterating the planet. The dreaded day had come and the asteroid couldn’t be put off course. The only options were to evacuate to the North Pole (the Artic) or get destroyed by the shock wave of the colossal fiery asteroid of death.

Alex 100wc week18

“Hey! Michale look over here!” shouted Tony. So I ran over to Tony to find a dilapidated shed. In the reflection we saw an old tatty house, I turned around to find nothing but a colossal pile of bricks. “Could this shed look into the past?” I asked Tony. he was asleep because it was the middle of the night. The crimson paint peeled off the shed as the wood began to rot. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an unused  pair of fluorescent pink trainers. I stepped inside to find a tatty black and white time machine…

Alex week 17 100wc

It was another boring old lunchtime at school; I was next in the pudding line. Hopefully it was cake, but no. As I stood and stared at the gross gloop being shovelled onto my plate, I felt like I was going to throw up! As I sat down to eat the lumpy gloop, I saw a ghostly layer of thick sticky slime covering the horrible yellow filth. I swallowed the first piece of horror. Gulp. The custard tasted like rotten slug slime. I was going to erupt with vomit. I dashed to the bathroom and never came out.

Alex 100wc week15

On a dark and stormy night, my friends and I went to explore a mansion. As soon as we stepped inside the endless hall of doom, there was nothing apart from a canvas! However there was blood splattered all over the canvas! I found some magic paint and painted a man. Just then a bright light emerged out of the canvas and my friends were nowhere to be seen. I knew something was wrong. I dropped the brush and began to dash. I came across some doors with my friend’s names on, then one with my name printed in blood.

Alex 100wc week 12

The world cares about you,
Although there’s nothing for you to do,
But in this poem I send lots of encouragement,
By sending money straight to you,
All the world is helping to raise money,
To give out food to go in your tummy,
Please cheer up,
We raise money in a cup,
All we do is think about you,
Don’t feel down survivor you,
We provide shelters and water,
I am writing everything I have been taught to,
We will anything for you,
Just to see you smile,
Here is a present with a file,
To bring joy straight to you.

Alex watkinson

Alex week10 100wc

Murky lake

Dear Diary,

Today was the most awkward day ever! I was on my way to the old rugged market on Market street. The normal route was blocked with the local citizens taking the horse and carriage, so I decided to take the rocky and sandy route passed the old brick inn. Suddenly as if he was a ghost, a ruthless Highway man jumped out of the lush green bushes. “Stand and deliver, your money or your life!” I stood the in horror. I immediately exclaimed “no!” So then the Highway man pushed me quickly into the cold, muddy, murky lake…

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