MaxW100WC week 24

Once there was a muscular, handsome man named Jack, he lived in a rough run down village within England. All day everyday his selfish mum nag Jack to go out and collect money (for her ). One Dark cloudy day Jack went out and finally decided to collect some money. Suddenly a large mighty and terrifying giant quickly attempted to squash Jack however Jack quickly rolled away stood up tall. Then he stared up toward the giant and grinned. Jack quickly leaped from tree to tree higher and higher until he landed on the giant . After a while Jack got bored therefore he quickly brought out his phone and tweeted #fightingagiant.


Kuwarjeet 100wc #week24

A long, endless path reached out into the wood, my legs moved rapidly and my GPS continuously beeped. I sighed. Over the horizon, a house appeared. My mood changed. “Red sky” I bellowed “it’s going to be a good day.”

Seconds later I reached the house, I pretended to call the FBI squad. I accidentally dropped my badge, it said ‘ FBI Officer-Goldilocks #532357990’. The door was left open,”interesting,” I murmed. Behind the house I heard growls. Quickly I tip-toed over. BANG! My head bounced of the ground

“Let’s play again,” one of the bears said.

Ambers week24 100wc

‘Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pale of water. Jack fell……’ HOLD IT!!! That’s not it for:
You think you know the way it starts, you recon you know the end. Well actually you don’t because this is the real trend. This is truly Jack and Jill’s crazy bend, while they’re not friends………..

You know that old well named Goll,
Down that place Jill fell LOL,
“Jack,” she cried “you must tell madam Doll,
But no, he left her alone till she grew tall.
Years fell and Jack went back and found she was a,

Leah week 21 100wc

Valentines day meteor!

One day Valentines day on the 14th February a man and a woman meet.The man is called John and the woman is called Lindsay.They heard the news saying “Meetings were held across the country to find an answer,to find the 500km meteor hitting Earth!” So John and Lindsay tried to escape but John gave a flower to Lindsay as the meteor hit them.Just before it hit them John gave one last kiss. Lindsay died with John and the flower and John died with Lindsay. In the future they met each other as ghosts.

Kaiden 100 WC week 21

Dear people of the world

This live broadcast is held all over the world to solve the problem of the meteor strike.

To people of the world the destruction of all the country’s is just unbelievable. The only country that haven’t been destroyed is Altaic and

Daniel 100wc week 21

January 21st 1972,

It was a nice sunny day and Beth and I ran outside that evening playing a game called hide and seek until Beth’s mum shouted “Beth, Sam…dinner” Beth and I ran inside and ate our dinner. Suddenly the tv started crackling and then a man appeared on the screen and he said “This just comes in, a meteor is going to strike earth vaporizing any life in its way; it will hit in exactly 21 hours. Even as I speak the clock is ticking till doomsday!!! And the meteor is traveling at a million miles per hour. Meetings are being held all across the country to find an answer… (Will we survive or will we not?) that’s all for now goodbye innocent civilians. Once the world had heard about this all the people were in terrible shock…