Jesika 100wc week 15

“What are we going to do?” I told Jake. We were partners and we had to think of an art project A.S.A.P! “Well we could do a portrait of someone.” he replied….finally. We didn’t have any time to argue so we did it. We started straight away and by the time we were done it looked awesome. As we took a step back to admire it, the whole painting came alive. We were in a trance. As our minds went blank, we stepped through the painting into a whole new world. The wind hung in the air. Suddenly….BLACK!


2 thoughts on “Jesika 100wc week 15

  1. What a great story Jesika! I particularly liked the sentence “the wind hung in the air”- very poetic. Well done.
    Fiona (Team 100WC)

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