Gracie 100wc week 15

The Big green eyes

As my legs shaked, I walked up to the mansion door. The door creaked like deaths hollow, I took my first nactious step inside…
Walking down the ever-lasting hallway, I didn’t know which door to go in as there were lots. Then I came across a funny looking door and I decided to go in… A thick swirl of toxic mist lurked around the room and hovered over the ground. “Hello who are you” I said to a girl, who was painting a picture of a mirror. She turned around… Pure green eyes she had, pure green eyes. I have heard about that girl, Margaret Bell. She pulls people into paintings. Suddenly I ran back to the door but the door had gone, GONE! I closed my eyes tight and when I opened them those big green eyes were staring up at me as I was trapped in the painting…


2 thoughts on “Gracie 100wc week 15

  1. Lots of excitement and suspense in this piece of writing,Gracie, well done! I really like your idea…imagine being pulled into a painting? Remember though, that you need to stick to the 100 word limit. This makes you think carefully about every word you use.

  2. Lovely Gracie, just amazing! Lots of of suspence used here, we particulary like your range of sentences and their openers. Just remember, next time re-read your work, ie: “Hello, who are you?” not “Hello who are you”

    Well done, keep writing!

    Summer and Chloe, Riders Junior School, Hampshire.

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