Erica 100 wc week 15

The Xmas hypnotic mirror.

T’was the night before Christmas . A cold and windy night . Two little girls were wondering in a art gallery . Intriguingly glaring at the luxious portrait’s . They stopped at the most exquisite crystal mirror in the world . They wondered why it was there in the first place . Like puppets they were hypnotised and paralysed by the exquisite Xmas mirror. All of a sudden a dark figure appeared and exclaimed ” ah I’ve been expecting you “. He cackled in a quiet unsuthing voice . The girls were mortified and terrified but they hardly seemed to care . They had sank into the mirrors spell like swimmers under water . They were never seen again …


One thought on “Erica 100 wc week 15

  1. To Erica

    Right from your title “The Xmas hypnotic mirror” you had me intrigued! What a wonderful, descriptive and exciting story! You have used adjectives really well to make your story ‘come alive!”
    Keep up the great writing!

    From Mrs Natusch
    Team 100WC, NZ

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