Tyne 100 wc week 24

Once upon a time a few years ago a beautiful girl called Cinderella was been bullied and bossed around. Demandingly her sisters ordered and ordered, dresses making for the exquisite ball of the extremely handsome prince. Time passed and the girls went leaving Cinderella sobbing until POW! A black puff of smoke came. “I want shoes, a new dress now” Cinderella shouted, the fairy god mother frowned and puffed away. Twelve struck and the girls hadn’t returned. A few weeks passed and the wedding was held when the prince was reviling his wife, people gathered round from far to see her. Cinderella’s sister appeared the prince married her a d left Cinderella to rot all alone.

Jesika 100wc week 24

Once upon a time there was a girl named Arora. She was a princess but had no prince. One day her father said: ” if you are a true princess then you will find a prince in 5 days, if you don’t then you will be executed! ”

Days passed and Arora still hadn’t found a prince so, to cheer her up, she decided to have a sleepover. During the sleepover her friends dared her to kiss a frog so she did. Suddenly a prince appeared. Arora fell in love with him but he didn’t feel the same and ended up marrying Arora’s sister. While the wedding was held Arora was executed outside.

So they all lived happily ever after, well most of them….

Alex week 24 100wc

Once there were three little pigs. After a while each pig had their own house made of inferior materials apart from one,the smart pig, he had thought wisely. Instead the third innocent,smart and freezing pig used bricks to build a very sturdy house. “Wood! Sticks! Useless! You’ll get no-where with that,you’re houses are nothing compared to mine!” chuckled Mr.Smart. Just then a shadow loomed over the three pigs. “Dinner time!” Came a voice form behind. As quick as a flash, whipped out his blackberry and dialed:7769. From out of the shadows came three bears,the wolf retreated as pig guts flew across the field.

Megan#24 100WC

Oink Oink !

One day there lived two pigs the girl was named Nayla and the boy was named Bornio.One day they went to Fanandoes and went in the spa room,mud bath and hot tub. When they got home… their house was blown (their stick house) so they decided to build a paper house

Ayla 100 WC week 24

Once upon a time, Goldilocks wandered into a little cottage in the deep, dark woods. She tried the porraige; she hated it, the beds weren’t her type and the chairs were made of paper!
Within minutes of her arrival, the bears returned…
“Who are you?” Asked Father Bear.
“It’s Goldilocks!” shouted Little Bear.
“You remember me!” said Goldilocks, shocked by the statement. They had been long, lost pen pals since they were young. Goldilocks couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“Dad, can Goldilocks and I have a sleepover together?” asked Little Bear politely.
“Yes you can,” replied the father thoughtfully.